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Canine Shield represents a powdered spray designed to discourage canine aggression or an attack due to the visuals from the yellow powder being sprayed and the hissing sound emitted from the can.

It is designed to spray a yellow powder plume along with administering a hissing sound that can startle and scare a dog off giving the individual time to get away to safety.

Its uses compressed air to emitated natural warning sounds found in the wild and the yellow plume is to create a distraction. This product is NOT harmful and is NOT to be sprayed directly in the animals face.

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      CANINE SHEILD is powder spray that will deter a dog from attacking when charging towards you.\r\n
      You simply press the trigger holding in 2 second bursts creating a powder mist which will dry the dogs throat and eyes upon contact creating irritation, which will give you a chance to get away/take higher ground. The hissing sound of the spray can also deter dogs from an attack.\r\n
      Optimal distance for the mist is 6ft.\r\n
      This will dry the dog's eyes and airways make it very uncomfortable to breathe giving you a chance to get away.
    "short_description" => """
      CANINE SHIELD is powder spray that will deter a dog from attacking when charging towards you.\r\n
      You simply press the trigger holding in 2 second bursts creating a powder mist which will dry the dogs eyes throat mouth causing discomfort, which will then give you a chance to get away/take higher ground.\r\n
      The hissing sound of the spray can also deter a dog from attacking\r\n
      Optimal distance for the mist is 6ft.
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PRICE: £27.99 £19.99


CANINE SHIELD is powder spray that will deter a dog from attacking if charging towards you.

You simply press the activation button emitting a powder mist along with a hissing sound that can startle and scare the dog away giving you a chance to get away.

Optimal distance for the mist is 6ft.

  • Break Seal
  • Remove safety tab
  • Avoid direct eye contact with the dog
  • Turn your body slowly to the side
  • Try to move away without turning your back or running
  • If the dog charges/attacks, pull trigger so the dog can see the yellow plume and hear the sound.
  • This can scare/startle and push the dog back giving you a chance to get away.
100g Corn Powder
Size 20.5cm by 5.3cm
  • Product to be used outside
  • Use in well ventilated area
  • This product is not a toy
  • Keep away from Children
  • 7 Seconds of continuous burst ONLY

Please note that once the seal is broken and the button is pressed you have around 7 second of continuous use ONLY and the can will be depleted, so be mind full to use as a last result.

We can not guarantee this product will stop an attacking dog.


I think its very hard to not be concerned about the increasing dog attacks that are happening. Whether people believe it’s the owners fault or it’s a bad bread, what we do know is that you HAVE to protect yourself and stay safe! Carrying Canine Shield while out and about is important because it can help protect yourself and your pet from potential attacks by aggressive or dangerous dogs, which can cause physical injuries, emotional trauma, or even death.

Canine Shield is a humane and effective way to deter a dog attack, as it uses 100% natural ingredients, the spray creates a powder cloud and emmitts a hissing sound that can deter the dog’s natural impulse to bite, without causing any harm or damage to the dog, unlike other methods that may be lethal, cruel, or ineffective; furthermore, Canine Shield is convenient and easy to use, as it comes in a compact and portable spray can that can be carried in a pocket, bag or belt pouch and can be sprayed from a safe distance of 6 to 10 feet.


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Canine Shield



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